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Considering Central Air For Your 1950s Home? What To Know

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Was your house built before air conditioning got popular, and no one has ever invested the money to install a central system? If so, it may be time to invest the money to make yourself more comfortable when the weather is hot instead of using a window unit.

The window unit that you have to stick out of the window is unsightly, loud, and takes up space while blocking the view from your window. You won't see the central air conditioner when you're inside your home, and it's often easy to hide. Here are a few things to consider if you're considering central air. 

Central Air is Efficient

The window air conditioning units can only heat the room where they are placed, and they can't extract as much moisture out of the home or cool as efficiently as a central air unit will. You can get a central air conditioning unit installed that works efficiently and quickly to cool down the house, and you can set it to a higher temperature because removing the moisture makes the house feel cooler right away.

Improve Property Resale Potential

Don't worry about getting the money that you invest in a central air conditioning unit back if you want to get rid of the property later on. About 60 percent of homeowners are willing to pay more money for a house because it has central air conditioning, so you should factor the air conditioning in when you go to set a listing price.

Duct Sealing Helps

Duct sealing is something the HVAC team can do while they are at your home. This can reduce up to 30 percent of air loss throughout your property, which is going to help you in the summer with your air conditioning costs, but also in the winter when you are heating the home. Get this quote when you get the quote for the central air unit and installation.

If you are ready to make an upgrade for your property that is also a great financial investment, central air conditioning is going to make your home better and make you more comfortable. Talk with the local HVAC contractors (such as those from Mechanical Systems Inc.) in your area to see if there are any specials running, and to start getting estimates for the project. Once you have estimates to compare you can set your budget and find out what type of central air unit you can afford.