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How a Secondary Cooling System Can Save Your AC System

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If you only have one system for cooling your home, that one system can suffer a lot of wear and tear. An AC unit cools a home by using a refrigerant to extract heat from the air in your home. This type of system requires a compressor which burns through a lot of electricity. Finding a way to cool your home with less electricity can help to decrease your cooling costs, and as long as the secondary system is efficient, you shouldn't have to worry that your home won't get cool enough. A house fan is a good choice. 

What is a House Fan?

A house fan is not the same thing as a ceiling fan. One major difference is that a ceiling fan is sized and designed to move air around one room. While the circulating air can help to cool the room, there isn't really a place for the heat to go. A house fan, in contrast, is placed in the ceiling of the top floor of your house so that it can vent heat from your house outside through the attic. A house fan works best when you can open your windows so that the fan pulls in cool air as it pushes the hot air out. 

How Can You Use a House Fan and AC Unit Together?

When your home is hot during the day, a house fan won't work very well since opening the windows will only pull the hot air inside. Thus, even though the fan motor in a house fan is much smaller than the motor used to run the compressor in an AC unit, replacing your AC with a house fan is not a good idea if you need cooling all day. On the other hand, if you run your AC unit during the hottest points of the day, it will help to keep your home comfortable. You can turn off the AC at during cooler hours or at night and use your house fan to keep your home cool. 

Using your house fan to give your AC unit a break at night will not only help to reduce your cooling costs, but it will also reduce the wear and tear to your AC unit. Thus, you save money twice: first on cooling costs and then on maintenance costs. If you want to see whether a house fan is a good idea for your home, you should talk to a cooling expert, such as Enright and Sons, to see how much it would cost to install one and how much you stand to save.