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5 Signs That Your Furnace Needs Professional Attention

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If you are concerned that your furnace is doing peculiar things, you may still not know whether or not you should call a heating and air-conditioning technician to inspect the unit. Here are a few indications that your furnace is in need of professional attention:

Your furnace is not responding to your thermostat.

When your furnace is operating normally and you increase the setting of your thermostat, your furnace releases hot air until the desired temperature is reached. In addition, once the desired temperature is achieved, the furnace stops blowing air.

If your furnace no longer responds to the settings of your thermostat, there could be multiple problems. Your thermostat may require replacement, or there could be a wiring problem. There may even be an issue with the pilot light of the furnace.

New noises are emanating from your unit.

Your furnace should operate without much noise. There is usually a consistent hum with the operation of most furnaces, but strange noises, such as bangs and clanks, are not typical. These types of sounds usually are associated with a component of your furnace becoming loose. In some cases, if the furnace has suffered enough vibrations over time, a component may have become completely disassembled. A heating and air-conditioning technician will be able to thoroughly inspect your unit to determine the source of your problem.

The pilot light of your furnace is no longer blue.

The color of your pilot light may seem of no consequence. However, sometimes the color of the flame can indicate the presence of dangerous gases, such as carbon monoxide.

Some pilot lights start to burn yellow in the presence of this poisonous gas. If your pilot light is usually blue but is now a new color, it is time to call a professional.

Carbon monoxide gas is odorless, colorless and tasteless, so if your family is being exposed to the gas, you may not realize it.

The heating throughout your house is inconsistent.

If some rooms in your home are cold and other rooms are hot, your furnace is likely not functioning the way that it was designed to. This may be due to blocked ducts or dirty vents.

There may even be a tear in a duct.

Your heating bills are much higher than they used to be.

If your heating bills are much higher than they used to be and your utility rates have not increased, there could be a problem with your furnace that is causing it to be more inefficient than usual.

If you believe that your furnace may need to be repaired or replaced, contact an HVAC services specialist in your area.