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Fixing A Baseboard Heater With Low-Heat Output

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If you noticed your baseboard heating is not emitting enough hot air, you will want to take steps in troubleshooting the cause for this occurrence. There are several reasons why baseboard heating may all of a sudden stop producing enough heat for the room where it is located. Try some of the following steps to repair a low or no-heat output so you can once again enjoy the warmth your baseboard heater provides.

Check The Electric Wires

The first place to check when you do not feel heat coming out of your baseboard heater is the electrical wire. Someone may have jarred it loose from the outlet or it may have become unplugged altogether. If you see any frayed portions in the wire, unplug the heater and call a heating repair service to fix the unit. Continuing to run a heater with faulty wiring can lead to a fire.

Check The Controls

Next, check the damper to see if it was moved to an off position. If it had been, the heat will be trapped inside the unit instead of dispersed around the room. Make sure the baseboard heating thermostat was not turned down or off. If it is at a lower temperature than you had thought, this could be the reason for the lesser heat output.

Check For Obstructions

If your baseboard heating is covered by draperies, the heat will not have a chance to be spread around the room. Make sure all window coverings are short enough that they do not cover the heat output on your baseboard heater. If there is furniture in front of the heater, the warmth will be trapped in one area of the room. Move furniture to another area to enjoy the heat. Check that carpeting is not curled over the area where heat comes out of the heater as well. If it is, the heat will be pushed under the carpeting rather than into the room. Tuck the carpeting back under the heater to fix this problem.

Check For Debris

A dirty baseboard heater will not emit warmth efficiently. To decrease the energy your heater uses, and to increase the warmth you feel when the heater is on, it is important to do routine cleanings of the coils inside. Take the cover off of the baseboard heater and observe the condition of the coils underneath. Use a soft-bristled brush attachment on a vacuum cleaner to remove any pet fur or dirt from the coils. Use a fin brush to straighten any bent fins in the coil so the heat is projected outward from the unit.

Contact a heating and air conditioning repair service to learn more.