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Cotton Insulation: Is It Right For Your Home?

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When it comes time to choose insulation for your home, you're going to come across a lot of options. One of those options is cotton, which is sometimes also sold as recycled denim since it tends to be made from recycled jeans. Is cotton insulation the right choice for your home? Consider these pros and cons, and decide for yourself.

Pro: Cotton insulation is made from recycled materials.

If you're trying to build a green home or minimize your waste generation, cotton is a wise choice. As previously mentioned, most cotton insulation is made from old blue jeans and from factory denim scraps. The jean material is shredded up and compacted into batts. The manufacturing of cotton insulation gives scraps that would otherwise end up in a landfill a purpose, rather than requiring  the manufacture of new materials.

Pro: Cotton is better at blocking air flow than other common forms of insulation.

Cotton insulation batts are packed pretty dense. As a result, they are better than blocking cold, drafty airs that looser fiberglass insulation, straw, and other common insulation types. Fewer drafts will make your home more comfortable and will also help keep your cooling bills in check.

Pro: Cotton insulation is safe for children and pets.

You don't want your children or pets getting into fiberglass insulation, as the filaments can cause skin and respiratory system damage. Cotton insulation, on the other hand, is completely safe. Rubbing up against it is no different than touching a pair of jeans.

Cons: Cotton insulation can be tough to find.

If you're building a new home, this may not be such a hassle, since your builder will likely know where to source your cotton insulation. However, if you're just looking to add some insulation to your home later on, cotton might not be the most convenient choice. You can't just find it at any home improvement store like fiberglass. You may have to find a store that specializes in green, recycled building materials.

Cons: Cotton insulation is pretty heavy.

Cotton insulation is pretty dense, and a batt of it can get pretty heavy. This makes it a bit more challenging to install than lightweight fiberglass or straw. Unless you hit the gym regularly, you might need to have a friend help you install this heavy insulation.

To learn more about insulation, talk to a company like Leon Muenks Insulation LLC. Every home is different, and they can give you an expert opinion as to whether cotton is right for your circumstances.