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Taking A Closer Look At The Hairy Scaries That Could Be In Your Ductwork

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When you think of the scary things that could be hiding out in your house, what specific location is it that comes to mind? Perhaps the dark places that rarely see light like the cellar, attic, or even beneath the fridge have you wondering. Even what's between the walls may have you questioning from time to time. But there is one dark and hidden place in your home where the true fear should be directed and that is the ducts. Because the same ductwork could be in your home for decades, you might be a little surprised at the spooky things that could be hiding there.

Goblins of Dust and Debris

It is a little known fact that the average home of 1600 square feet manages to accumulate as much as 40 pounds of dust and debris in a single year. You dust and vacuum regularly, so where does a lot of this dust go? Your ductwork. This is why it is crucial to make sure you are using a high-quality filter in your HVAC system and changing it about once a month during peak operating seasons, whether it is the heat of summer or the cold of winter. All of this dust could not only be clogging up your ducts, but harboring allergens, bacteria, and microbes that are not safe for breathing.

Rats, Mice, Vermin, Oh My!

You hear something scurrying and you have an odd odor of urine and ammonia radiating through your home. You may be quick to suspect that rodents have made their way into the walls, but you should be looking at the ductwork instead. If you have dated ducts in disrepair, rodents can and will make a nest in the cozy hidden quarters. Their droppings, urine, and even rotten food that they carry there to munch on can be the source of an all-out nightmare. If you suspect that you have mice and vermin in your ducts, get in touch with a pest control agent and an HVAC services technician who will collaborate together to eliminate the problem.

You Never Know Where the Mold Grows

From irritated bronchial passages to foul odors in your home, there are a lot of signs that you are dealing with a mold problem. If this is your intuition, don't forget to have the ducts checked for signs of mold growth. because the passages are warm and dark-especially if they are not in use for a while, your ductwork is the ideal space to encourage mold growth. So the slightest bit of moisture that makes its way inside could easily bring to life a mold-filled terror at your house. Unfortunately, if you do have a mold problem, it could mean the entire duct system will have to be replaced.