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Why A Gas Boiler Pilot Does Not Stay Ignited

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Do you only get to enjoy short periods of warmth in your house before having to reignite the boiler to the heating system? When a gas boiler does not stay ignited, there are a few things that could be causing it to happen. Take a look at the article below to discover what might lead to a gas boiler needing to be reignited on a regular basis.

A Damaged Thermocouple

The thermocouple to a gas boiler is one of the most vital parts because it is needed for the heating system to produce heat. Basically, a thermocouple is a piece of wire that is able to sense heat for the pilot flame of a gas boiler. When a thermocouple becomes hot from the pilot flame, it is able to keep the gas valve open by sending an electric current to it. The thermocouple might need to be replaced if the pilot is unable to stay lit. An inspection must be done by an HVAC contractor to determine if the thermocouple has broken and is no longer able to send an electric current to that gas valve.

The Pilot Orifice is Partially Blocked

Having to reignite a gas boiler pilot a lot might stem from something blocking fire from coming up through the orifice and staying ignited. The fix to the problem may be as simple as getting the orifice cleaned to get rid of dirt that has accumulated throughout the years, if you have had the boiler for a long time. Don't attempt trying to remove dirt on your own because accidentally getting chemicals in the orifice can lead to a fire igniting, and using only water might not be sufficient enough. If rust is the reason for the blockage in the orifice, it might have to be removed and replaced. A contractor will be able to repair the orifice in no time if it is found to be the problem for the heating problem in your house.

Hard Water Has Caused the Boiler to Turn Off

If you there is hard water running through the plumbing pipe in your house, it is possible that minerals have damaged the heat exchanger. A gas boiler automatically stops working when the heat exchanger malfunctions as a safety measure, which can happen when minerals build up in the heat exchanger and block the flow of water. Hard water can also lead to an accumulation of minerals has corroding the feed lines. It is hard for water to make it into the steam drum if the feed lines are damaged.

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