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Is Your Home the Victim of an Unnoticed Water Intrusion?

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Of all the elements that can cause expensive damage to your home, water is the most destructive. Water can cause great damage if it comes into your home a drip at a time. Many homeowners are not aware of water seeping into their home and causing serious damage as it does. Learn more about how your home may be suffering from the damage caused by unnoticed water intrusion.

Your Home's HVAC System Could Be the Culprit

Your home's HVAC system not only keeps you warm and cool, it also helps to lower the humidity in indoor air. If your system is not properly controlling indoor humidity, condensation builds up on the inside of windows or on walls that are cooler than the air is inside. Moist water condensation on windows can cause water drips that seep into your window sills, rotting them over time. If the water is able to drip over the window sill, the wall and flooring beneath it could suffer expensive water damage. Making sure your HVAC system is always running properly is important to prevent this type of water intrusion and damage. Having your HVAC system inspected regularly by a local professional, such as Atlantic Heating and Cooling, is a good idea for catching line and pump leaks that could also cause water intrusion issues.

Check the Vents on Your Home's Exterior

If your house has a basement or crawlspace, you more than likely have vents for air circulation in your foundation. Check each vent in your home's foundation to make sure no water is finding its way into them. Water seeping over the surface of your home's foundation can cause serious cracks that lead to expensive and dangerous structural problems. Adding hoods over each vent can help to prevent water from getting into them.

Sealants and Flashing are Not Only on Your Home's Roof

Flashing and sealants are used a lot on roofs to prevent water from finding its way underneath shingles. Making sure the flashing and seals on your roof are in good condition can prevent small water leaks that can turn into massive damage. However, be sure to also check the flashing and sealants around the doors and windows in your home. Water can seep through a door jamb and go unnoticed until your find your doorway rotting. The same is also true about the outside of your windows.

Water intrusion can become a health problem, especially if it happens when you do not know about it. If water creates areas of high moisture in your home, you have to worry about the growth of unhealthy molds. Taking the time to inspect your home for water leaks is important to avoid health problems and expensive repairs.