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3 Potential Heating Options For Your Home's Add-On

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If you have added on an additional room to your home, there's a chance that this room does not have the necessary duct work to connect to the heating system for the rest of your home. Additionally, your home's existing heating system might not be large enough to heat your entire home plus your new add-on, even if you do install the necessary duct work. This can leave you wondering if you have any other heating options; luckily, you do. These are three different options you can look into.

1. Radiant Floor Heating

One excellent, affordable option for heating your add-on is to install radiant floor heating. As the name suggests, this type of heating is designed to heat up the floor of the room in question. This can make the flooring feel quite warm and cozy under your feet and can provide enough heat to keep the entire room nice and warm during the winter months, all without you having to worry about installing duct work. To learn more about radiant floor heating, check out websites like

2. Ductless Heating

Another good option to look into for your home's add-on is ductless heating. This type of system can be installed in your add-on without the addition of any duct work and can provide enough radiant heat to warm the room up nicely, all without adding a forced-air system. Some people prefer this type of heating system because it can provide ample heat without the installation of duct work. Plus, these systems are often known for being very quiet.

3. Space Heaters

One more option that you can look into is using space heaters to heat your add-on. If you live in a really cold climate or if you will be using the add-on on a daily basis, such as if you are going to be using it as a regular bedroom, this might not be a good option, since these heaters are typically designed for use for supplemental heat. In milder climates or for a room that will not be used very often, however, it can be an option for heating up the room without having to install a heating system, and you can always move the space heater to other areas of the home where you might need supplemental heat when the add-on is not in use.

As you can see, you don't necessarily have to install duct work in the add-on to your home in order to enjoy a nice, warm room. Instead, try one of these options for heating your home's add-on.