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HVAC Problems That May Be Traced Back To The Thermostat

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Many people only think of the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) when setting or programming it, but the thermostat plays a huge role in your HVAC's running and efficiency. In fact, there are AC malfunctions that can be traced back to the thermostat, and they include these four:

System Doesn't Turn On

If your AC suddenly goes off and refuses to turn on, then you are probably dealing with lack of power to the thermostat. This may be because there is no power to the thermostat or there is a problem with the power connections. Therefore, you need to check the AC circuit breaker to confirm that it hasn't tripped and also check the AC switch to check if it accidentally tripped off. It may also be that the thermostat wires have come off, the connections are rusty or the connections are loose.

Extreme Temperature Swings

There are cases where your AC may be running but your room temperature is fluctuating between hot and cold temperatures. Such temperature swings may also be traced back to the thermostat. For example, extreme temperature swings may occur if the thermostat isn't mounted on a level surface, and it has some wiggle room. In such a case, the thermostat may be reading different temperatures whenever it rooms, sending mixed signals to the main board and causing the temperature fluctuations.

Uneven Temperatures in the House

Uneven temperatures, where some rooms of spaces are colder than others, have several potential causes, some of which can be linked to the thermostat. For example, this may be the case if the thermostat is set to auto and your house has multiple rooms with different features. Say the thermostat has been installed in a spacious room, say a living room, with big windows. In that case, the living room may take a longer time to cool than the inner rooms, and the temperature differences may be noticeable.

Mismatch Between Thermostat Reading and Room Temperature

This is another problem that may be caused by a thermostat issue. For example, a thermostat that has been installed near a heat generator, such as a computer, will be reading a higher temperature than the ambient temperature of the house. In such a case, the AC will run on for longer in a bid to cool the room to the desired level, which may make your house feel colder than the temperature reading in the thermostat.

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