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4 Air Conditioner Winter Maintenance Tips To Ensure You Are Ready When Spring Comes

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During the winter months, you may forget about your AC and the maintenance that needs. If you want to ensure you do not have any problems during the winter months or costly spring air conditioner repairs, you want to winterize your AC unit and continue with simple maintenance through the winter. Here are some air conditioner winter maintenance tips to help ensure you are ready for spring when the hot weather returns.

1. Winterizing Your AC Unit to Protect It Over the Cold Winter Months

Winterizing your AC to protect it over the winter is one of the best things that you can do to protect it from damage. The winterizing should include cleaning the outdoor unit and clearing any water from condensation drain lines. You will also want to cover the unit, but make sure that there is ventilation beneath the cover to predict vent mildew problems from moisture that can be trapped inside.

2. Properly Cleaning Your AC Before Winter Weather to Prevent Damage

Properly cleaning your AC unit will help prevent damage during winter weather. This is something that should be done during the autumn months and before any winter storms. Check the unit to make sure that there are no leaves or debris inside and work around it. Clean up any debris and covering the unit to protect it from the winter weather. You also want to remove any snow and ice from the unit that can cause damage during a winter storm.

3. Checking Your AC for Damage and Problems Due to Winter Weather

During the winter months, you also want to inspect your AC for damage that has been caused by winter weather. Snow and ice can cause serious damage to the outdoor AC unit, and you want to remove any excess snow and ice from the unit to protect it. When cleaning the unit, look for obvious signs of damage such as broken mechanical components and physical damage to the unit.

4. Having Your AC Serviced in the Fall and Spring to Ensure You Do Not Have Problems

One of the best ways to maintain your AC is to have it seasonally serviced. You want to have an HVAC professional service your unit and inspected for problems during the fall months, as well as in the early spring before you begin using your cooling system for the summer months to come.

This is some tips to help ensure you are ready for spring when the hot weather returns and your AC is ready to keep your home cool. If you need help with upgrades, maintenance, or repairs to your air conditioner, contact a professional air conditioning maintenance service to ensure you are ready when hot weather arrives next spring.