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When A/C Is Medically Necessary: Proactive Management and Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

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More Americans today enjoy the cool comfort of air conditioning than ever before. In fact, according to industry information, approximately 87 percent of homes in the United States are equipped with some sort of air conditioning. In addition, most workplaces, including offices, factories, and retail shops are kept cool and comfortable through some type of mechanical cooling process.

For some Americans, however, air conditioning is not just about personal comfort. Instead, being able to live, work, and travel in air-conditioned spaces may be necessary due to a medical condition. If you or a family member are among the growing number of people who require air conditioning for medical reasons, the following proactive maintenance tips can help you avoid A/C failures that could affect your health. 

Do the seasonal maintenance

Vehicles and kitchen appliances operate more dependably when they receive regular maintenance, and your home air conditioning system will, too. Having your system professionally inspected, cleaned, and adjusted before the beginning of each cooling season will eliminate many of the unexpected repair issues that crop up in poorly maintained systems. When scheduling seasonal maintenance, be sure to tell the technician that you depend on your air conditioner for health reasons, and authorize them to replace any parts or components that are showing signs of wear or damage.

Budget for periodic system upgrades

Like any appliance, your HVAC components have a projected lifespan. For most central air conditioning systems, this number is usually somewhere between 10 and 15 years. In order to avoid an increased risk of system failure, homeowners who have a personal medical requirement for air conditioning or a family member who does may want to consider having their cooling equipment upgraded near or at the end of its average projected lifespan. 

Plan ahead for emergencies

Emergency situations are sure to arise at some point in any household, including those that have someone who requires air conditioning for a medical condition. Because of this fact, homeowners should always plan ahead to have suitable options available. 

A good plan is to consider buying and keeping on hand a portable room or window air conditioner. If your central air conditioning system fails, having this option available would allow you to easily cool a small bedroom or space where you or your family member could be comfortable until your HVAC system has been repaired or replaced. If power outages are a problem in your area, you may also want to purchase and maintain a generator system, as well. 

It is also wise for any household that includes someone with a medical need for air conditioning to maintain current contact information for a reputable air conditioning repair service that offers quick response times for emergency or after-hours service needs. 

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