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Important Things To Know About Air Conditioning Coolant Leaks

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In most homes, the air conditioning system is the most expensive appliance. Thus, it is important to identify problems quickly so small issues don't turn into something that requires a very expensive repair, or worse yet,  a need for an AC replacement. One air conditioning issue that can become serious if it is not caught early and repaired is a coolant leak. An air conditioning system relies on coolant to absorb heat in the air so it can be rapidly cooled and blown through the vents in your home. A coolant leak will need to be repaired by an HVAC professional, and the coolant will need to be refilled to the proper level. Some common symptoms of a coolant leak in your air conditioner include:

Air Conditioner Must Run for a Long Time to Cool Down Your Home

If your air conditioning unit has a coolant leak, it will really struggle to cool down your home to the temperature the thermostat is set at. When the AC has lost any coolant due to a leak, it is much harder for the air conditioner to cool down the warm air in the condenser unit. Thus, your air conditioner may have to run for much longer periods of time in order to cool your house. When you're running your air conditioner during the hot summer months, pay attention to how long it typically runs. If you notice that it is running longer and longer as the days or weeks go by, there is a possibility that it has a coolant leak that needs to be repaired.

The Air Blowing Through Your Vents is Lukewarm

When your air conditioning system switches on, it should begin blowing cold air quite quickly. In the event that the AC has been running for several minutes and the air is still lukewarm, it indicates that there is a problem. While there are several issues that can cause an air conditioner to blow warm air, a lack of coolant due to a leak can be the problem. When you suspect that you may have a AC coolant leak, immediately call an HVAC repair company to inspect your condenser unit.

Hissing and Bubbling Sound Near Condenser Unit

If your air conditioner is not cooling as efficiently as it used to, take the time to go outside and observe the condenser unit. If your air conditioner does have a coolant leak, you will most likely be able to hear a distinct bubbling or hissing sound as the coolant is escaping through the cracked line. Don't ignore a hissing or bubbling sound-- air conditioning coolant is expensive to refill, so it is best to catch the problem early and take care of it in order to save money. 

Contact an AC system repair service for more help.