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Are Your Home's Drains Giving You Trouble?

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Just about everyone sends various liquids and debris down their kitchen or bathroom drain without really thinking about it. Assuming you aren't sending something you know shouldn't go down there, there's really no reason to give it a second thought. But what happens if your drain goes out of its way to seek your attention? Here are some scenarios that could be a sign of a drain that is in need of professional plumbing services.

Black Gunk or Slime in Your Bathroom Drains

If the drains in your bathroom seem slow, you could grab a sink plunger and see what's going on. If the result is that a hunk of black gunk or slime rises up to the top, you are likely seeing an accumulation of body hair that has made its way back up to you. This could mean your entire drain is coated with the stuff. Contact a plumber for a deep drain cleaning.

You Can Smell It

Your house suddenly smelling like sewage is a huge red flag for your plumbing system. Just spraying an air freshener and hoping it will go away is not going to fix the problem. It's also possible the smell could be coming from multiple drains depending on where in the plumbing system the clog is located. You will need a professional plumber to pinpoint the source and send the gunk down out of your house and into the local sewage system where it belongs.

Standing Water

If you have slow draining water in a sink, tub, or toilet, it's possible a plunger could fix the problem. But what if the water is not moving at all? Standing water that does not budge means something serious is going on. You might need a drain snake or auger to physically get down into the drain to solve the problem. If you don't have previous experience doing this, you could further damage the drain. Contact a plumber and let a seasoned pro handle it.

Don't take your house's drain system for granted. There are clear warning signs that will indicate that something is wrong. Sometimes you can actually see the gunk that is slowing your drain by plunging it back up and sometimes it's obvious there is a clog if the water won't move. But other times you might only be able to smell or suspect it. In these cases especially, calling a professional plumber is your only real choice.