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Be Ready For Winter

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When winter is right around the corner, you want to make sure that the house is properly prepared to keep your family warm and dry. Following this short guide to winterizing your home can help break things down for you, so you know that you are well-prepared when all that rain and snow along with cold temperatures arrive.

Start with the roof and attic

Start at the top part of the home and make sure you don't have any leaks in the roof. Clean out the gutters so that the rainwater has an unobstructed path to the downspout. Make sure the attic is completely insulated, so the heat inside of your home doesn't escape, which will cause the heater to have to work harder to keep the temp in the house where you want it.

Move on to the windows and doors

If you don't already have double-paned glass in your windows and you aren't able to have double-paned glass installed at the moment, then you can put window insulation film on your windows to help hold the heat in the home better. Make sure your windows and doors are free of gaps that are going to let cold air in.

Clean the fireplace

If you have a fireplace and you plan on using it during the winter, then make sure you clean the fireplace out. Also, have someone come out to clean the flue. If you start using the fireplace without making sure that the flue has been cleaned first, then you will be putting yourself and your family at risk. A dirty flue can lead to a house fire.

Care properly for the heater

There are three main areas of concern to have when it comes to the heater. The best time to know if you have issues in any of these areas is before you really need to use it. These three areas are:

  • Generation of heat – You need to know the heater is going to generate the right amount of heat.
  • Movement of heat – You need to know that the system is going to disperse heat throughout the home.
  • Overall performance – You need to know the heater is working without any strange odors, sounds, or malfunctions.

Trying the heater out before the temperatures get too low can prevent you from sitting in a freezing house waiting for a technician who is now slammed with emergency calls. Having the system inspected by a heating services professional is the best way to be prepared for winter.