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Watch Out For These Furnace Noises...You May Need Repair Or Replacment

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A furnace that is no longer running properly is something that no homeowner wants to deal with, but it can happen. It's important to keep your eyes and ears on your furnace to ensure that it's working correctly and that there are no needs for furnace repairs to be made or a replacement to be installed. When you're aware of how your system is working and you keep up with maintenance, you can minimize the chances of repair and replacement. Keep reading to find out what noises to watch out for as they may require you to contact an HVAC contractor.

Sure, some noises coming out of your furnace are totally normal. After all, the machine needs to make noises to run properly. But, some noises are not normal and may point to a bigger issue that needs to be addressed. Watch out for the following noises.

Loud Banging Noises

If you keep hearing loud banging noises, there is likely an issue present. This may be a sign of loose parts, like loose screws and bolts. If there are loose parts, certain areas of the furnace may now be exposed and not properly covered, which can cause dirt and debris build-up as well as damage to other parts. A more serious issue that can be causing loud noises is a gas built up. This may cause your heat exchanger to crack, which is incredibly dangerous, as that means carbon monoxide is now being let into your home. If this is the issue, you will need a replacement furnace.

High-Pitched Squealing Noises

Another sound you won't want to ignore is loud squealing sounds. A damaged blower belt or blower belt may need to be replaced or parts in your system may need to be oiled. With any of these issues, an HVAC professional can easily fix the problem.

Whining Noises

Some furnaces may start to make whining noises. This can occur when parts are older and they begin to expand. You'll want to contact your friendly neighborhood HVAC professional if you hear whining noises as they can tell you what repairs need to be done. If you continue to run your furnace while you hear this sound, you may be wasting a lot of energy and your energy bills can be quite high, too.

These are some of the signs that suggest that something is wrong with your furnace. Make sure that you reach out to a local HVAC professional if you need repairs or if you think that you may need a replacement furnace.

For more information, contact a furnace replacement service.