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Maintenance Considerations for Your Commercial Air Conditioning System

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Keeping your employees cool and comfortable could go a long way towards ensuring maximum efficiency and focus in the workplace. Keeping your commercial air conditioning system in good condition, in other words, can help everyone keep their nose to the grindstone and ensure maximum profitability for your company. But managing a commercial ACs can obviously be more involved than taking care of the residential system you have in your house. Here are some maintenance considerations for your commercial air conditioning system that should go a long way towards lengthening its lifespan for years to come.

You Have Multiple Filters All Over the Place

Most residential homeowners know to change their AC's air filter once per season or more often with frequent use. The thing about a commercial system though is that you might have multiple filters set up across multiple floors or areas of your building, in order to ensure that the air is clean throughout your property. When it's time to change the air filters, make sure you do a full lap around the entire building to take care of every filter and ensure that your entire system can run as efficiently as possible.

Your Ductwork Needs a Regular Checkup

Your air ducts are what carry the cooled air to the different vents throughout your building. A large commercial building can have a very expansive air ducts system, and that leaves a lot of room for something to go wrong. If you suddenly notice that a conference room or other space is always a different temperature than the rest of the building, this could mean that the air ducts in that area have a leak or are caked with dirt and dust that is restricting the airflow. A large commercial business with multiple floors should have a professional that offers air conditioning maintenance services come out to do a full inspection on the ductwork on a regular basis.

You Should Regularly Clean the Outside Units

Many commercial buildings put their central air units on the roof. If this is true for your property, you should send someone up to clear the area of debris on a regular basis. If branches or other debris from a recent storm gets too close to the fans and other units, the system might not have the space it needs to take new air in and begin the cooling process. A regular sweep of your roof or any other area where AC units are located will keep the entire system humming along smoothly and your energy bills down. 

For more information, contact local air conditioning maintenance services.