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Things You Want A Contractor To Show Prior To Furnace Duct Sealing

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The ductwork that the furnace relies on to transport warm air may eventually damage to the point where leaks develop. You'll then need to have these leaks sealed up by a heating repair contractor. If a contractor can show you these things prior to furnace duct sealing taking place, then you can expect a fairly straightforward, stress-free process. 

Photos of Problematic Areas

Before any sealing takes place around the furnace ducts, you will want to see pictures of the problematic areas first. You'll then truly understand where the leak is occurring and see how severe the problem is. 

The heating repair contractor should be capable of showing you these photos with high-definition cameras. These cameras can be placed inside the ductwork and be manipulated until the damaged area is shown. You'll be able to see what's wrong and know furnace duct sealing truly is a requirement.

Minimally Impactful Sealing Process 

When a section of your ductwork has to be sealed because there is a puncture or tear, you want the contractor that is completing the sealing service to watch how they impact other structures. That ultimately helps you save money because the sealing won't require as many steps.

You want a heating repair contractor that can access the damaged area conveniently and seal up the structural issue like it never even occurred. The entire time, other duct sections that are still in sound condition shouldn't be disturbed. 

Thorough Post-Sealing Examinations

After the damaged portion of a duct has been properly sealed by this contractor, you don't want to just assume everything is fine. Instead, the contractor needs to provide thorough post-sealing examinations that verify the damaged area was properly sealed to where no heat is leaking out of the ductwork.

A heating repair contractor should show you that they have a post-sealing inspection process because then you'll know that they're thorough. They will leave no stone left unturned to ensure you're satisfied and to keep warm air distributed throughout your property as it should when the colder days start getting more and more frequent. 

Any time you have ducts that are structurally damaged and subsequently leaking, hire a heating contractor to come out and perform furnace duct sealing. If you're particular about the services this professional offers, then nothing will get in the way of your ducts being sealed properly and your furnace working like it's supposed to. Contacting a heating service for more information.