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How To Clean Your Central Air Conditioner's Condensing Coils To Prevent Overheating

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A central air conditioner’s cooling process starts outside the home in the condensing unit. When you adjust your thermostat, an electrical signal is sent to the unit’s compressor, which pumps gas refrigerant into the condensing coils. The coils change the gas into a liquid so that it can travel easily inside your home to the furnace to finish the cooling process. Condensing coils heat up while transforming the refrigerant due to the chemistry of the phase change. Read More»

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Ductless Air Conditioning

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Ductless air conditioning systems are an alternative air conditioning option to traditional central units. The main difference between ductless air conditioning units and their central counterparts is the fact that ductless air conditioners, like their name suggests, do not make use of any ductwork to provide your home with cool air. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages that ductless air conditioners have to offer can help you decide whether or not they are the right fit for your home. Read More»

Keep Your Business Cool And Your Cooling Costs Down

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If you run a business it’s important that you keep your customers and employees comfortable. However, you also want to do all you can to keep your operation costs down. Providing a cool environment when it’s hot outside can be costly. Luckily, there are many things you can do to bring those costs down. Follow the tips in this article to keep your costs down while providing a comfortable space in your business: Read More»