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3 Tips To Prepare Your Gas Furnace For The Holidays

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Depending on where you live in the U.S., it can become very cold during the holiday season. If you expect to host parties and other activities this year, it’s essential that you service your gas furnace. Although gas is the main fuel for your furnace, the appliance still relies on electricity to power up its blower motor and fan. If a storm disrupts power to your home, your furnace might stop working. Read More»

3 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Could Be Drawing Too Many Amps

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Keeping your home cool during the warm summer months requires access to a functional Trane air conditioning system. Your home’s air conditioner needs to draw power from your electrical system in order to function properly. Sometimes, an air conditioner will draw too many amps and cause the circuit it is connected to to trip continually. This can not only be annoying, it can reduce the lifespan of your cooling equipment. Here are three reasons why your air conditioner could be drawing too many amps, causing its circuit to trip. Read More»

3 Potential Heating Options For Your Home's Add-On

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If you have added on an additional room to your home, there’s a chance that this room does not have the necessary duct work to connect to the heating system for the rest of your home. Additionally, your home’s existing heating system might not be large enough to heat your entire home plus your new add-on, even if you do install the necessary duct work. This can leave you wondering if you have any other heating options; luckily, you do. Read More»

3 Types Of Air Conditioning Systems To Install Today

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If you do not currently have air conditioning in your home, you should definitely consider it. Not only can it ensure that the comfort level in your home during the summer is significantly improved, but it can even improve air quality by filtering out dust in the air, which is great if anyone in your home has allergies. Here are three types of air conditioning systems you can have installed today: Read More»