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Grease Has Clogged Your Kitchen Drain. Now What?

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Every homeowner should know that dumping grease or other leftovers from a meal down into your kitchen sink is a bad idea. And yet plenty of homeowners still manage to accidentally clog their kitchen drain anyway. Maybe you were lazy and didn’t feel like taking out the trash again because just scraping it into the sink is so much easier. Maybe your kids have been dumping things into the kitchen sink without telling you. Read More»

Important Things To Know About Air Conditioning Coolant Leaks

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In most homes, the air conditioning system is the most expensive appliance. Thus, it is important to identify problems quickly so small issues don’t turn into something that requires a very expensive repair, or worse yet,  a need for an AC replacement. One air conditioning issue that can become serious if it is not caught early and repaired is a coolant leak. An air conditioning system relies on coolant to absorb heat in the air so it can be rapidly cooled and blown through the vents in your home. Read More»

When A/C Is Medically Necessary: Proactive Management and Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

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More Americans today enjoy the cool comfort of air conditioning than ever before. In fact, according to industry information, approximately 87 percent of homes in the United States are equipped with some sort of air conditioning. In addition, most workplaces, including offices, factories, and retail shops are kept cool and comfortable through some type of mechanical cooling process. For some Americans, however, air conditioning is not just about personal comfort. Instead, being able to live, work, and travel in air-conditioned spaces may be necessary due to a medical condition. Read More»

Is Your Air Conditioner The Right Size?

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If you’ve recently moved into a home and are having problems with your air conditioner, it can be due to a lot of different things, one of which can be the size of the unit. If the unit installed was too big or too small, it could be causing you a few different problems. Read on for information to tell if your unit size is the problem. Condensing Unit Over-Cycling Read More»